Handmade Rosaries, Chaplets, Jewelry & Religious Art.
Not your typical Catholic wares.


ModHMary (Modern Holy Mary) is, as the name implies, an updated and refreshed modern take on our holiest mother, the Virgin Mary. She was the first saint, chosen by God to do his will. Mary is not only the mother of Christ but considered to be the blessed mother to all Catholics. A woman who made a true sacrifice of love for God and for that we offer her much respect and devotion.

I create one of a kind handmade jewelry, rosaries, chaplets, prayer cards, and religious art. Most of my items incorporate unique vintage beads and fabulous old medals. I have honed my hunting and gathering skills to find these components from all over the great state of Michigan and sometimes beyond. Repurposed, up-cylced, new lease on life, whatever you want to call it, you can be in the height of fashion, be green, and display your devotion. You just never know what treasure you might find in my shop! Formally trained in drawing and painting, all illustrations are my originals too.

ModHMary's purpose is to put believing and faith back into fashion. Offering quality, God-honoring, unique hand crafted items.